SG-REG - Registrations Made Easy


Quick Install, Easy Setups

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Custom Tailored Front-End

Match your existing site layout for a quick and seamless transition to registration forms.

Management Made Easy

Easy management of your games, contacts, donations and more!

Nationals-Formatted Reporting

Reports are now a breeze - with formatted reports tailored to nationals standards, we make your reporting instant and up-to-date.

Safe and Secure

Heavily tested to conform to PCI security standards and modern browser security.

Instant Payments

We integrate with your existing e-commerce merchant (, FirstData, PayPal, etc.) to ensure that there is no hassle with taking credit cards online.

Fully Featured

Singles, Doubles, and Team Registrations

We are formatted to the National standards of Senior Games registrations.

Volunteer Registrations

With three-tiered registration support and the ability to request volunteers during preset timeslots at events, we help you quickly and easily register and track your volunteers.

Payments Tracking

View payments by type and date range with the ability to sort by amount, date, type, and more! Break down by registration type or view a chart of your most profitable sports.


With customizable and embeddable donations, you may use your existing merchant services to take and track donations.

Contact Management

Store and manage your registrants, commissioners, supporters, volunteers, and more with categorization and customizable fields. With complex sorting and storing of results, you can quickly create exportable contact lists to mail out or import into another program of choice.


Track your waiver signs and make sure your teams and players are all to-date. With the ability to create and track multiple waivers for volunteers and registrants, you'll be able to rest assured your contacts are up-to-date and signed in.

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